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I’m so excited about the opportunity to work with you and make a positive impact on your leadership!
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I work with female leaders to help them turn up as their authentic self each day and to find their inner confidence to lead with compassion, authenticity and aligned to their own values.

I work with organisations to improve the relational trust, and work towards achieving a better atmosphere, sense of belonging, better collaboration and sense of team.

For you that might mean seeking 1:1 coaching to support you as a female leader turn up as your authentic self, rather than trying to be someone who you are not, or to build some confidence and self belief in what you are doing.

For your organisation, that might mean recruiting me to support you in building better cohesive teams, for them to work more collaboratively and to ensure they have a common sense of vision and purpose.


I offer 1:1 coaching for female leaders to lead as their authentic selves. My programme Lead with Authenticity provides the safe and supportive space to step up into your own feminine power and lead from a spaced of aligned authenticity.

Bespoke Leadership and Management Programmes

I work with Learning and Development teams in small organisations to bring a refreshed approach to leadership development. Whether it be a coaching programme, leadership programme or a programme for team members, I can tailor my approach to suit each individual company’s needs.

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