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Let’s dare to move beyond our comfort zone

I’m a huge fan of Brené Brown and I have used her quotes in many aspects of my professional life. However, this following quote is one that is so incredibly personal to me on my own journey:

When we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending.’ (Brown, Dare to Lead, 2018)

Having thankfully been on the receiving end of a payslip every month for the whole of my working life, some may think that I’ve completely lost the plot in stepping away from that secure world in times of such financial challenge, to start my own business, or should I say, become an entrepreneur! Yep, they are probably right! Mad! Off my trolley! Bonkers! Whichever phrase fits the picture, yep! But when you know the time has come for you to try new things, sometimes the only way forward is to ‘walk into our story’ and write our own ending.

I’ve always been happy to cruise along, so stepping out of my comfort zone has previously always been incredibly difficult for me, as any time I’ve done so, it has usually been when I’ve had to respond to a personal crisis.

I’ve changed jobs and roles regularly in my professional career in education, and each time I have grown and learned as I’ve gone. Not all roles have fed my soul, some have been incredibly stressful, others have given me no joy at all…. but some have been absolutely wonderful! However, now, something in my gut is telling me to sit up and listen. They say the gut is our second brain, and mine is talking to me loud and clear – to be brave, to be courageous and to start to write my own future. To do something new that excites me and lights me up.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a professional place that we had never planned to be. We’ve found ourselves moving into the next role or seeking the next promotion either to chase the increment in our salaries, or often because that is what is expected of us. At some point we wake up and realise that life has passed us by, that we are in a place that maybe we didn’t intend to end up. I don’t know if crossing the line of my 50th birthday has been the catalyst – I don’t think I’ve had a mid-life crisis, but I’m perhaps a little braver. Perhaps taking stock at this time and looking backwards and forwards has highlighted that if I want to do something different, there’s no time like the present. Who knows? But I think my gut does. And Eckhart Tole is right when he says: ‘If not now, when?’

What am I waiting for? If it feels right, why wouldn’t I change career and live the life I so desire, where I serve others in a different way. Where I feel I am making a real difference – perhaps only to a few, but definitely making a significant difference to the lives of others.

Through the coaching process, I have learned to listen. To listen to my feelings, to question where those feelings arise from, and to really consider the ‘what now’ question in my life. We all have choices – stay and continue with the same feelings or make changes to remove those feelings that might not be serving us positively.

It takes bravery to move beyond our comfort zone, and in times of uncertainty, that can be deemed as madness (depending on how the big the shift is), but life is for living, and sometimes fear, excitement and trepidation all bring with them motivation and magic. And who doesn’t like a bit of magic in their lives?

So why not listen to yourself? Truly listen. Feel those feelings. Grab the thistle and go for it. Let’s find the magic that helps us grow, change and fill our lives with a bit more excitement and wonder!

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I’m looking to write my own positive, magic-filled ending – how about you?

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